I'm a social Ballroom DanceR available for RENT / HIRE / BOOK / ARRANGE to a lady for special occassions like celebrations, parties, weddings, fun, etc.

Smoots / Standard:

Fox Trot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango..

Latin / Rhytm dances:

Rumba, Cha - Cha, Bolero, Swing, Hustle, Argentine Tango...

I have a decent amount of proffessional ballroom / party attire for both styles, - black  tie events tuxedo, suit, and flashy latin dance dresses,- however it's advisable to discuss in advance the nature of the event so I can prepare properly. ( always looking for a chance to get me something new).

Primary locations from Washington DC Metro to New York City Metro, - or so.

For a regular "go out night" we could meet at the designated place and time, however for a special occasion it's advisable to meet before for a 1-2 sessions to meet / greet and dance as preparation for your special event.

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